Activate Maryland

ACTivate Maryland logoA statewide initiative to build a stronger economy, foster vibrant communities, improve quality of life, and ensure that all communities are thriving.

ACTivate Maryland is a nonpartisan initiative developed collaboratively by state and local nonprofit organizations working on a range of issues, including health care, the arts, education, smart growth and community development. Maryland Nonprofits coordinates the initiative, with funding provided by foundations, nonprofit organizations and others.



  • Encourage Marylanders to learn about the importance of government in providing the economic opportunities and the quality of life that we all want.
  • Build support for policies that assure our governments at all levels have the resources to provide those opportunities and that quality of life to everyone in Maryland, regardless of their age, race, religion, gender identity, socio-economic background, disability, or where they live.


  • Great public schools and opportunities for educational advancement
  • Public safety protection and services, and assurance of social justice
  • Employment and entry-level job opportunities, providing livable wages and career pathways
  • Efficient public transportation and safe roads and bridges, serving all communities throughout the state
  • Access to quality community services and cultural enrichment opportunities
  • Parks and recreational opportunities
  • Healthy environments, safe, clean and affordable housing and walkable neighborhoods
  • Quality health care for all, including those with special problems or disabilities


The power behind ACTivate Maryland is a diverse coalition of nonprofit and foundation changemakers. 

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