Shareen Aarons



Shareen is responsible for the coordination of the Nonprofit Accelerator and other programs related to cohorts. Her focus is to lead the program development, logistics, communications, delivery, evaluation, and reporting for cohort programs.

Before coming to Maryland Nonprofits, Shareen worked in both the business and financial industries.  Shareen decided to make a career change into the field of education so she can make more of an impact in the lives of children and the community. She moved to Baltimore in 2016 and taught Middle School Math then became a Community School Coordinator for Baltimore City Public Schools. As a CSC she has developed and maintained partnerships with organizations and businesses that supported the needs of the families in the community she served.

Shareen is a graduate of Hampton University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She is an active Board Member of her Community Association and enjoys taking part in community outreach and planning social activities in her community.

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