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January 14, 2016

By Allison Albert, Director of Marketing and Membership, Maryland Nonprofits Members often ask whether something that’s happening at their organization is ‘normal’… Thankfully the answer is almost always YES, most organizations move through predictable stages of development – commonly referred to as Nonprofit Lifecycles. Just as people grow-up, organizations “Start-Up” and go through a “Growth” […]

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Guest Blog by Bill Fitzgerald, Founder/Managing Partner of Exec Careers DC, Associate Member of Maryland Nonprofits Read the original blog here.   With everything we know about leadership, why are we so seemingly disappointed in our leaders? The market is flooded with books about leadership. There are endless theories and models and more workshops and […]

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Guest Blog by Ellyn McKay, CEO Vision LLC. As leaders, many of us have spent way too much time pursuing “generic” leadership advice that passes over our natural leadership strengths, forcing us to adopt a leadership style that just doesn’t seem to fit…or work. For any number of reasons, this tends to be especially true for women leaders. However, […]

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