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Comparative budget analysis for Prince George’s County focusing on funding for health and human services and the nonprofit sector.  

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A 2011 report that shows that Prince George’s nonprofits still lag behind neighboring jurisdictions and the Maryland average in number of nonprofits and in per-capita revenue. The report shows, however, that the county’s nonprofits are growing faster than the state average.  

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The Maryland Environmental Health Network and Maryland Nonprofits assembled a brainstorming forum on public health advocacy. This doc is an overview of presentations and discussion points from the forum. Topics covered include the social detriments of health, combatting childhood obesity, impacts of the alcohol and tobacco tax, and the importance of health equity.  

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Offers insights on what types of nonprofits can lobby, and the rules and regulations of doing so.    

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A-Z resource on nonprofit best practices

Advocating for the interests of families and youth

Promoting a thriving and effective nonprofit sector

Nonpartisan initiative promoting investment in MD’s communities