Mission, Strategy and Evaluation

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE Sustainability focuses on determining the right strategy for continuing to offer a program or service once seed funding has been exhausted. This packet shares a broad view on sustainability and sustainability planning, as well as how to work toward a more sustainable organization. Attached at the end of this packet you will […]

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MEMBER EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE Program evaluation is key to ensure all financial and human resources are being used toward fulfilling your mission. This packet includes critical questions and guidelines for gathering data to improve and meet your nonprofit’s goals. Attached at the end of this packet you will find the customizable companion documents Sample Outcomes Logic […]

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MEMBER EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE If you’re thinking of engaging in strategic partnerships or formal alliances with other organizations, you’ll first have to understand the steps involved with finding the right partner. This packet will help you determine: Which type of partnership will be most beneficial for your nonprofit How to identify and vet potential partners Create […]

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MEMBER EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE This comprehensive packet walks you through the three major steps involved in strategic planning. By following these steps, your nonprofit will be able to: Identify your strengths and weaknesses Develop strong mission, vision, and values statements to create the “big picture” Create a long-term, successful plan for the future Attached at the […]

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Advocating for the interests of families and youth

Promoting a thriving and effective nonprofit sector

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