Resource Development and Fundraising

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE It is important that nonprofit organizations are able to control their fundraising costs to devote a substantial portion of their resources to achieving their missions. Public confidence in an organization – and the nonprofit sector as a whole – can diminish when large amounts of money are spent on fundraising and little […]

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MEMBER EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE Many different types of entities and individuals solicit charitable contributions on behalf of nonprofit organizations. In some cases, nonprofits employ outside fundraising consultants, such as professional solicitors and fundraising counsels. Regardless of the level of involvement by outside fundraisers, it is vital for nonprofits to control, monitor, and train those requesting contributions […]

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MEMBER EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE Your nonprofit’s solicitation and promotional materials should be accurate and truthful and should correctly identify your organization’s mission, and the intended use of the solicited funds. (Your materials should also include legally-required disclosure/disclaimer language, an example of which is included in Disclose It: A Charitable Nonprofit’s Guide to Disclosure Requirements). To ensure […]

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MEMBER EXCLUSIVE RESOURCE Each nonprofit organization is responsible for determining the feasibility of raising funds from different sources and for developing a plan to raise the money using methods appropriate to the organization. A plan may focus on only a few sources, or have a conscious goal of “broadening the base” of fundraising efforts. However, […]

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