Energy Consultants

Long-term sustainability is a serious consideration for every nonprofit.  Ideally, you will spend the bulk of your income on programs, rather than operating costs. Making smart choices that reduce overhead expenses is a great place to start.

The deregulation of Maryland’s electricity industry has brought about a competitive market offering lower energy prices.  As a nonprofit, taking advantage of this low-cost electricity supply solution will provide your organization with much-needed budget certainty.  Without a strategy, your organization is vulnerable to increasing tariff rates, energy market volatility, and other market uncertainties.

APPI Energy is an independent energy consulting firm that, since 1996, has assisted Maryland businesses by reducing their electricity costs. As an exclusive benefit program for Maryland Nonprofits members, APPI Energy can verify the accuracy of your energy bill and recommend many reliable suppliers with low, competitive pricing. The unbiased team of energy experts can also help your organization achieve energy sales tax exempt status, and receive reimbursement for past taxes paid.


As a benefit program to Maryland Nonprofit members,  APPI Energy’s consulting and procurement services are offered with no risk, obligation, or upfront costs. The team of independent energy advisors is obtaining competitive pricing for customers that is much lower than most utility company rates. APPI Energy focuses on managing your energy needs, so you can focus on running your organization.

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