Term Life Insurance

If you’ve been looking for Group Term Life to offer to your staff but have been told that your business doesn’t qualify or the premium is more than you want to pay, Maryland Nonprofits has a solution. If you are an employer group of two or more, and a Maryland Nonprofits member, you are eligible for affordable Group Life!

Maryland Nonprofits sponsors a comprehensive life insurance program on a guaranteed issue basis (no medical underwriting needed) exclusively through Gorges & Co. Group Term Life and AD&D plans can be written for 100%, 200% or 300% of an employee’s salary (or in increments of $10,000) up to a maximum $130,000. Coverage is guaranteed issue at $15,000, $30,000 or $50,000 depending on the size of your group at time of enrollment.

To inquire, please email the following information to Darryus Johnson:

  1. Company contact information (address, phone, general email)
  2. Number of employees that will be covered by insurance
  3. Hours worked by each employee (must be at least 20+/week)
  4. Dates of birth for each enrolling employee


Monthly Premiums

Per $10,000-Worth of Coverage
24 or less $1.40
25-34 $1.60
35-39 $1.90
40-44 $2.60
45-49 $3.80
50-54 $5.70
55-59 $8.60
60-64 $13.20
65-69 $20.00
70-74 $38.60
75+ $69.90

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