2014 Jumpstart Program Marketing Campaign: What’s in a Name?

June 18, 2014

Guest Blog by Rebecca Teaff, Owner and Creative Director of Redstart Creative, Associate Member of Maryland Nonprofits 

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This spring, we were excited to announce that Advanced ADHD Coaching and Consulting would receive a comprehensive branding and website package through Redstart Creative‘s Jumpstart Program. Advanced ADHD Coaching’s focus is working with veterans and first responders within the community who are afflicted with ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder, and other associated disorders.

The first step in working on branding with Advanced ADHD Coaching and Consulting was to analyze the name. The name is very descriptive of what they do but is not as clear in identifying the population they serve. This population, veterans and first responders, is what differentiates them in the market.

John Frizzera of Frizzera Ink, graciously volunteered his time to help lead the team on re-naming. We identified many words that stood out in what ADHD Coaching & Consulting does, including:
First Responders

After reviewing the list of words, the team ultimately decided upon the word “heroes.” The word describes their constituency, and resonates with the general population. From that key word, the team formed the following three suggestions to the client:

• Help for Heroes: ADHD Coaching & Services for first responders and veterans

• First Responder Support: ADHD Coaching & Solutions

• ADHD Solutions: Support for First Responders

After discussion, it was determined the organization would use the first option. After some tweaking to ensure the name would be available as a domain name, the final result was My Heroes Network: ADHD Consulting for Veterans and First Responders. The primary name is clear, simple to remember, and evokes their work and audience. The tag line helps further explain the organization’s work.

The naming process is important for every organization. Going through this process reminded us of some important lessons in naming and rebranding. Your name does not have to say everything you do but it should resonate with your audience. Ask yourself if the name is unique, easy to pronounce, and if it will resonate with your audience. If you use a tag line, make sure it adds more explanation of what you do. Finally, make sure to research if the URL is available for your selected name.

Our next step will be to work on a logo for My Heroes Network. We will update you on the process after the kick-off meeting for this process.

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