Maryland Latinos Unidos (MLU) is a statewide network of organizations, businesses, and individuals who support Latino and immigrant communities. We work within and with the Latino/Hispanic community in Maryland by supporting Latino-serving nonprofits, convening around public policy priorities, and working together in common cause.

Maryland Latinos Unidos exists to call attention to the disparities and inequities faced by Latino and immigrant communities, to find solutions, and to address these problems with coordinated action. MLU is not providing direct services – we are prioritizing the capacity-building of our grassroots Hispanic-serving organizations to ensure that all Latinos access necessary services.

Collectively, we can accomplish more. Become a member and see how much we can do together!


Latinos marching with signs of "We are Americans"

If ever there was a time to participate politically, now is it!

Recent Supreme Court decisions have increased our collective vulnerability. The hope is that we will wake up and start engaging with one another to make sure that our voices are reflected.

Hands up, with covid-19 images in the background

The pandemic is not over, but resources are available

A look at the COVID-19 pandemic, how it disproportionately affected the Latino community, and what is needed to ensure they can have equitable access to healthcare.

Three separate photos of Latina women who are community health workers for MALVEC and MLU

Three ideas on healthcare to create systemic change for Latinos

By Dr. Gabriela Lemus, Executive Director of...



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