Maryland Latinos Unidos (MLU) is a statewide network of organizations, businesses, and individuals who support Latino and immigrant communities. We work within and with the Latino/Hispanic community in Maryland by supporting Latino-serving nonprofits, convening around public policy priorities, and working together in common cause.

Maryland Latinos Unidos exists to call attention to the disparities and inequities faced by Latino and immigrant communities, to find solutions, and to address these problems with coordinated action. MLU is not providing direct services – we are prioritizing the capacity-building of our grassroots Hispanic-serving organizations to ensure that all Latinos access necessary services.

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A Latina mother is holding her child who has a small US flag in his hands

Representation Matters: Latino Population Growth Demands It

The 2020 Census demonstrated how community representation has not kept up with the rapid growth of Latinos nationwide, particularly here in the State of Maryland where we lag in every area of representation. It could be said that Latinos are almost invisible.

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Maryland Latinos Unidos: One year of work and counting!

September is an important month for Maryland Latinos Unidos (MLU). It marks many important milestones: the beginning of the fall season, Hispanic Heritage Month, and for MLU specifically, our one-year anniversary.

MALVEC Partners – Center of Help

The Center of Help has been giving back to the Latinx community in Annapolis since 1999. Their services have given Latinos the opportunity to get educated on learning, citizenship, and life post-education. The Center of Help’s efforts to give back to the Latinx community has been key to getting Latinos vaccinated during these dire times.



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