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March is Women’s History Month! The Future is Latina – or is it?

¡En marzo le damos la bienvenida al mes de la historia de la mujer! Welcome to Women’s History Month - when for a moment, we consider the contributions that women have made during their lifetimes. Yet, few women appear in history books and even...

$478 million Revenue Reduction The State’s Financial Picture Remains Healthy, But Hopes for Further Budget Additions are Dashed

Last Thursday, March 9, the state Board of Revenue Estimates provided its “March estimate.” This revises the previous estimate from December, which provided the basis for the Governor to balance the proposed budget. The March estimate provides an...

Why Digital Tools are Essential to Nonprofit Fundraising

Fundraising is the bread and butter of nonprofit organizations. Charitable contributions help fund programming, operational expenses, and more. They’re the key to success for any charity. But not all fundraising tactics are the same—some are far...

Nonprofit advocates testify in support of $100 million Nonprofit Sustainability Fund

Nonprofit advocates presented in-person, virtual, and written testimony in support of House Bill 1226 during the Maryland House of Delegates Appropriations Committee hearing yesterday.

Member Spotlight: Creative Nomads

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are thrilled to highlight the incredible work of Maryland Nonprofits member Creative Nomads, a young and growing, Black woman-led arts nonprofit that strives to provide access to arts education and programming for youth and families.

Black Nonprofits in Maryland from A-Z

In honor of Black History Month, we’re giving you Black-led and Black community serving nonprofits in Maryland from A-Z!

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