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Helping nonprofit organizations across the state develop their capacity to operate more efficiently and sustainably in order to advance their missions and growth.

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Maryland Nonprofits is proud to announce the coming launch of the Nonprofit Accelerator Program, made possible by an appropriation of $5 million in the State of Maryland’s FY23 budget to fund the start-up costs.  

After 30 years of experience supporting and increasing the capacity of diverse Maryland-based organizations through training, consultation, and technical assistance, our organization is uniquely equipped to offer the Nonprofit Accelerator Program.

Next to our technical experience, we’ll bring our intentional and purposeful framework of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to all phases of the program and its operations.

A representative Community Advisory Group will advise on implementation, including developing criteria to qualify organizations for free or reduced-cost programs, ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion, and advising on other aspects. Nominations for the Nonprofit Accelerator Advisory Committee are now open! If you would like to submit a nomination for yourself or someone you have in mind that fits the part fill out the nomination form here.

The Maryland Nonprofit Accelerator Program will include:

    • On-demand and cohort-based education
    • Training, technical assistance
    • Strategic counsel
    • Coaching
    • Cost-effective back-office services

Available Now:

  • Nonprofit Development Center Program: Small nonprofits –less than $750,000 and less than 10 years old– can access free training and technical assistance services through the Maryland Nonprofit Development Center with an easy online application.
  • Financial Management Services starting at $500/month for organizations under $100,000 in revenue, and serving organizations of all sizes, even multi-million multi-service agencies.

Coming soon:

We will offer comprehensive capacity building through training classes, multi-class cohorts, and consultation focused on all competencies that are critical to the effective management, stability, growth, ethics, and sustainability of nonprofits. Training and consultation will be provided by Maryland Nonprofits’ faculty and staff.

Back Office Services will include mission-critical, scalable shared services and enable the delivery of expert-level (gap) capacity at a cost-effective rate, including reduced-rate (subsidized) services for qualifying organizations.

Back-office services will also include:

    • Finance and accounting
    • Human resources and legal assistance
    • Executive assistance services
    • Marketing and communications
    • Fund development
Complete this form to request more information about the Nonprofit Accelerator

Complete this form to request more information about the Nonprofit Accelerator

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