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Nonprofit Membership

Joining is easy! Start your online membership application now, or give us a call at 410.727.6367.



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Organizations that have any 501(c) status from the IRS, including (c)(3)’s, (c)(4)’s, and (c)(6)’s.


Membership dues are based on your normal operating budget (exclusive of extraordinary grants and donations).

Budget Size Annual Membership Fee
$1 – $24,999 $110
$25,000 – $99,999 $165
$100,000 – $399,999 $440
$400,000 – $999,999 $770
$1 mil – $3.9 mil $1,100
$4 mil – $6.9 mil $1,485
$7 mil – $10.9 mil $1,980
$11 mil – $15.9 mil $2,530
$16 mil – $19.9 mil $3,300
$20 mil – $24.9 mil $4,000
$25+ mil $5,000


Contact or call us at 410.727.6367.

Associate Membership

Joining is easy whether you’re an individual or a business. Start your online membership application now, or give us a call at 410.727.6367.



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For-profit companies, individuals, consultants, and government agencies looking to build relationships with the nonprofit sector.


Membership dues are based on your category of membership and the benefits level you choose.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP (Individual Consultants, College students, or Retired Nonprofit Executives)
Individual Membership Level Annual Membership Fee
Student/Retired $40
Affiliate $200


BUSINESS/AGENCY MEMBERSHIP (Businesses or government agencies with two or more employees)
Membership Level Annual Membership Fee
Associate $500


Contact or call us at 410.727.6367.

Maryland Latinos Unidos (MLU)

In response to the Coronavirus emergency and its disparate impact on Maryland’s Latino community, Maryland Latinos Unidos (MLU) was established in 2020 to unify efforts across the state to support all Latino and immigrant populations. Although the establishment of this organization was rooted in addressing emergency needs, our intention is to operate to reduce the various disparities and barriers affecting these communities. Maryland Latinos Unidos has entered into an agreement with Maryland Nonprofits and will operate as one of the association’s programs.

To address the complex needs of Latino and immigrant communities across Maryland, MLU is determined and ready to serve. With help from partners of all industries and backgrounds, MLU will make the difference required for the well-being of our communities.  

Maryland Latinos Unidos membership is open to all members of Maryland Nonprofits. If you are not already a member of Maryland Nonprofits, join here and opt-in to Maryland Latinos Unidos membership without additional cost during the join process. If you are already a member of Maryland Nonprofits, email to become a part of MLU.

En respuesta a la emergencia creada por el Coronavirus y su impacto desigual en la comunidad de latinos de Maryland, se fundó Maryland Latinos Unidos, con el propósito de unificar los esfuerzos a través del estado para apoyar a toda la comunidad de latinos e inmigrantes. Aunque el establecimiento de esta organización se sustenta en la atención a las necesidades de emergencia, nuestra intención es trabajar para reducir las diversas disparidades y barreras que afectan a estas comunidades. MLU ha firmado un acuerdo con la Asociación sin fines de lucro de Maryland y operará como uno de los programas de la Asociación.

Para abordar las complejas necesidades de las comunidades latinas e inmigrantes en Maryland, MLU está decidida y lista para servir. Con la ayuda de socios de todas las industrias y orígenes, MLU marcará la diferencia que se necesita para alcanzar el bienestar de nuestras comunidades.

La membresía de Maryland Latinos Unidos está abierta a todos los miembros de Maryland Nonprofits. Si aún no es miembro de Maryland Nonprofits, únase aquí y suscríbase como miembro de Maryland Latinos Unidos sin costo adicional durante el proceso de inscripción. Si ya es miembro de Maryland Nonprofits, envíe un correo a para formar parte de MLU.

Maryland Association of Resources for Families and Youth (MARFY)

Maryland Association of Resources for Families and Youth (MARFY) is the core association that exclusively represents providers who serve youth and families. MARFY membership includes full membership in Maryland Nonprofits with all concurrent benefits. Joining is easy! Start your online membership application now, or give us a call at 410.727.6367.


See a comprehensive list of  MARFY Member benefits.


MARFY is an association of private child caring organizations providing foster care, group homes, and other services through more than 200 programs across Maryland.


The rates for Maryland Association of Resources for Families and Youth varies on each organization’s operating budget and are listed below.

Operating Budget Dues
$1 -$24,999 $220
$25,000 -$99,999 $330
$100,000 -$399,999 $880
$400,000 -$999,999 $1,540
$1 mil -$3.9 mil $2,200
$4 mil -$6.9 mil $2,970
$7 mil -$10.9 mil $3,690
$11 mil -$15.9 mil $5,060
$16+ mil $6,600


Contact or call us at 410.727.6367.

Starting a Nonprofit

Starting a nonprofit organization is a complex and time-consuming endeavor. A nonprofit is a business and, just like a for-profit, it requires a collection of resources ranging from time and effort to financial support. If you are considering starting a nonprofit but are worried the process is too complicated or expensive, our experienced nonprofit startup consultants are here to help. Our Nonprofit Startup Package will guide you through the steps to becoming an independent, successful organization, including incorporation, governing documents, 1023 application, charitable solicitation registration, and other state compliance filings in Maryland. Follow these phases to launch your nonprofit organization and maintain your nonprofit status.