Member Service Standards


Maryland Nonprofits’ relationship with you, our members, is a special one. The association was created to serve your organization and the board, volunteers, and staff members that are fundamental to your success. It is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors which is largely comprised of executives from a cross‐section of the state’s nonprofit community. Our programs and services are designed to be responsive to needs you identify and to strengthen and support your efforts to serve the broader community.  In short, you and your colleagues in the nonprofit sector provide the very reason for our existence as well as the majority of financial resources necessary for our continued operations. You are our most important stakeholders. As valued customers, you have a right to expect quality service for all members of our staff. These Member Service Standards set forth our commitment to you. They are intended to explain what you can expect in your interactions with Maryland Nonprofits staff on a day‐to‐day basis.

Maryland Nonprofits promulgates the Standards for Excellence: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector. The preamble and guiding principles of this code serve as our code of ethics.  All members are asked to make a commitment to the guiding principles upon joining the association. Membership entitles your organization to participate in Maryland Nonprofits’ programs and to elect board members.

Programs and Assistance: 

  • Regardless of size or other characteristics, all members have an equal right to our time, attention, representation, and services. Maryland Nonprofits endeavors to offer a range of programs and services which meet the needs of a diverse nonprofit community. We are committed to making our programs and services accessible for individuals of all abilities and available statewide.
  • Maryland Nonprofits is committed to evaluating its programs and services as part of its annual planning and program delivery.  This includes gathering information about member satisfaction in order to assure that the association’s offerings continue to meet the needs of our members.
  • Maryland Nonprofits is committed to being responsive to our members.  Requests for assistance be will be addressed by our staff in a timely fashion, taking into account the time and sensitivity of the inquiry.
  • Maryland Nonprofits is committed to treating members with the utmost courtesy and respect.
  • Maryland Nonprofits intends to provide our members with access to the full range of knowledge and information that is known to the organization and its employees. This includes information contained in our online and physical libraries, as well as the knowledge and expertise possessed our highly qualified staff.

Quality of Services:

  • Maryland Nonprofits’ members are guaranteed quality service.  Member inquiries are triaged to the most appropriate department or staff person to respond.


  • Maryland Nonprofits’ physical facilities, including our library, office, training venues, and meeting rooms, will be accessible and welcoming for use by our members.
  • Maryland Nonprofits’ facilities will remain open to our members during posted business hours unless otherwise indicated.  Members are encouraged to call in advance to assure that no conflict exists for the use of the facilities.  The meeting rooms are available by appointment only.


  • Maryland Nonprofits is committed to carefully maintaining and protecting our members’ confidential information.  Such information, including membership data, information about program recipients or clients of a personal nature, and other data will not be communicated publicly without explicit permission from Maryland Nonprofits’ leadership.

Solving Problems/Grievance Procedures:  

  • Maryland Nonprofits is committed to addressing problems when they occur. If staff is unable to satisfactorily resolve a  complaint, members are encouraged to bring the concern to the attention of the President and CEO. In cases involving the President and CEO, reports should be made to the Board Chair. Grievances should be reported as soon as possible to ensure prompt resolution.


April 1, 2016