Nonprofit Governance Assessment

FLAT FEE: $3,500 for Members of Maryland Nonprofits.

In this facilitated process, our legal counsel will assess your organization’s position in terms of governance and legal compliance, walking your board through a checklist of items to create a clear picture of board performance in the context of best practices.

This Nonprofit Governance Assessment is a natural first step for organizations of any age or size who wish to strengthen their governance practices and processes.  While a bylaws review is part of the Nonprofit Governance Assessment, the program encompasses a broader goal for improved governance and board leadership.  Organizations seeking Standards for Excellence accreditation or Standards for Excellence Basics or Basics Enhanced Recognition will find the Nonprofit Governance Assessment a great initial step for kick-starting your governance work.  (To learn more about the Standards for Excellence Accreditation or Recognition process, click HERE.)  Good governance is a crucial piece of the Standards for Excellence: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector, and it is a critical benchmark for any nonprofit that is looking to strengthen its performance.

This Nonprofit Governance Assessment service includes:

  • Interview of Board Chair and Executive Director (if there is paid staff)
  • Comprehensive Data Collection, including an Online Questionnaire
  • Legal review of governing documents (articles of incorporation, bylaws, conflict of interest policy)
  • Bylaws evaluation and proposed revisions
  • A detailed written report with our findings, including next steps designed to help your board strengthen its governance practices, which we will present to your Governance Committee, Executive Committee, or full board (presentation will be virtual, if necessary)

All work will be completed within a 60-day period after we have received all requested materials, so the organization’s board should be prepared to engage consistently to complete the Nonprofit Governance Assessment. At the end of the process, your organization will have updated bylaws and recommendations for strengthening board governance.

Please complete this Preliminary Intake Application to initiate the Nonprofit Governance Assessment conversation with our legal team. Using your governance documents as well as confidential in-person or virtual interviews, we will gather the information we need to evaluate whether your board is meeting governance best practices. Your responses will be reviewed only by our legal staff.  By completing this Intake Application, you acknowledge that your organization’s committee or designee will be required to provide information and documentation as requested for Maryland Nonprofits to conduct the Nonprofit Governance Assessment.