Older Americans Month

May 10, 2024

By Cecilia Schenking 

As we commemorate Older Americans Awareness Month, we celebrate our seniors’ invaluable contributions, wisdom, and resilience. This month provides us with a valuable opportunity to reflect on the countless ways that older Americans have shaped our communities. From veterans and retirees to grandparents and community leaders, each older adult brings a unique perspective and wealth of knowledge. Governor Wes Moore has also proclaimed May as Older Marylanders Month.

Focusing on social connection and personal relations, Maryland’s Department of Aging is working to improve our older Marylanders’ health and well-being as they fight against isolation and loneliness. However, as the average lifespan rises, we are not prepared to support this increasing population of older Americans.

Nearly 1 in 10 Americans age 65+ live below the poverty line. Older Hispanic women who live alone face the highest rates of poverty. Around 25% of older adults scrimp on food and other necessities due to the cost of healthcare. Many older Americans face social isolation as they are unable to get out often. The issues our older Americans face are numerous and important. Together, we can raise awareness, support and uplift our older Americans.