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To provide leadership, strategic and innovative tools for Latine communities across Maryland through bilingual programs that advance and sustain individuals, communities, and nonprofit organizations.




In the Fall of 2022, two roundtables gathered core Latine leadership from various communities throughout Maryland to discuss current needs and goals. These sessions served as the foundation for the development of the capacity building programs for the Center for Leadership, Strategy, and Innovation. Through a guided discussion on around critical issues for our Latine communities provided several areas of priorities for each community represented.

The main takeaways from those roundtables included a collective desire to receive leadership training and continue to build shared leadership among Latine communities. The need of support for organizational growth and the representation necessary to solve diverse situations of the different Latine communities throughout the state of Maryland is at the forefront of the MLU.

Today, our mission is to serve the Latine communities of Maryland which begins with the MLU- Leadership, Strategy and Innovation (LSI)- Programas para Crecer y Triunfar!

In January of 2023, we launched two initial programs:

  • MLU Leadership, Strategy and Innovation (LSI) Series
  • The MLU LSI Coaching Spot (optional coaching sessions)




  • Leveraging Leadership Development for Latine Leaders and Communities
  • Strategic Planning, Financials and Fundraising
  • The Secrets of Grant Writing
  • Mobilize and Innovate in the Nonprofit World
  • Policy and Advocacy: Strategies and Resource


Fundraising and more

Where is the money? So, you want to write a grant proposal? This is exciting! This means that you have valuable research to do or a particular nonprofit to build or a community resource you are passionate about developing. This MLU LSI workshop will begin to introduce the components to the grant writing process along with providing tools to begin the writing.

Leveraging Your Nonprofit for Greater Impact

Nonprofit leaders need to create a strategic roadmap to ensure that the activities they are undertaking are maximizing their resources to effect change in their communities. That roadmap starts with a clear mission, vision and strategy.  As the world shifts to meet the challenges ahead, this workshop is designed to go deeper into the areas of basic nonprofit management in leveraging greater leadership, innovation and strategy for Maryland Latino nonprofits.


How do you differentiate? Looking ahead and planning for the future actually should be continuous: as various factors change; your nonprofit organization may need to adjust its plans. While the process of bringing everyone together to plan for the future is energizing. Remember to always know where you are heading.  Be innovative about your plans and empower those around you.



Latino Maryland residents who have demonstrated a commitment to making a positive difference, community leaders, nonprofit leaders, individuals in their ideation stage for creating a nonprofit, individuals who have a desire to grow their own leadership and strategic skills and who are eager.


  • To build organizations
  • To build communities 
  • To build nonprofits 
  • To build skills 
  • To develop your capacity to increase your impact  
  • Engage with other leaders in learning, practice, and project execution   
Request more information about the MLU LSI Capacity Building Program / Solicite más información sobre MLU LSI Capacity Building Program 

Request more information about the MLU LSI Capacity Building Program / Solicite más información sobre MLU LSI Capacity Building Program