5 Tips to Help Nonprofits Access Government Funding and Be Better Advocates

June 13, 2017

Guest Blog By Liz Powell, Founder & President, G2G Consulting

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Are you looking for government funding or trying to change a policy, but not sure where to start? What is the best path forward? Where is low-hanging fruit?


Below are just some of the questions I am asked on a regular basis. It can be overwhelming, but that shouldn’t deter you. Here are some tips to simplify the process.


First, do your homework – identify your needs, research how your programs meet government needs, then develop a target list of government officials to pursue.


Second, educate – develop a succinct, easy to understand

that explains the problem, your solution, the results you can produce with funding, and a short background paragraph on your organization.


, execute a strategic plan – arrange meetings with target legislators and government agencies, listen to their priorities, use your message, bring members of your board/donors/consumers to share their perspective on why they support your

and make a 
clear request for help. Be specific on exactly what want from each target.


, make strong submissions for funding using the relationships and intel gained from your meetings.


Fifth, follow-up and
be persistent.


You can shape the process through relationships, respect for timelines and rules for submission, and significant follow-through. Want to learn more? Attend my webinar, “Accessing Government Funding and Effective Advocacy for Nonprofits,” on June 29th at noon. 



Liz Powell has nearly two decades of experience from working on health, defense and economic development policy in Congress and as an attorney and lobbyist. She started G2GConsulting in 2007 and manages government relationships and operations. Liz is an attorney and former Legislative Director with over 20 years of experience on Capitol Hill and as a lobbyist. She formerly staffed the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues, the Congressional Disabilities Caucus and wrote

on health, education and human service issues. She also secured funding for constituents and human service initiatives. Since 2007, G2G has secured $153 million for their clients, many of which are non-profits of all sizes.