6 Interesting Facts About Compensation in MD’s Nonprofit Sector

March 6, 2018

2018 Salary SurveyRegularly reviewing salaries to keep your salary and benefits structure up-to-date is an important step in helping your organization attract and retain talented employees (and avoiding costly turnover!). Maryland Nonprofits’ Salary Survey, conducted every two years, offers a detailed look at statewide compensation in the nonprofit sector. Submit your data today to help the sector learn and grow from within! All organizations who participate in the 2018 Salary Survey will be entered into a prize drawing for a $200 Amazon gift card.


  1. 76% of nonprofits gave salary increases to employees within the previous two years.
  2. 70% of nonprofits provide paid holidays, 54% of nonprofits provide paid vacation leave, and 49% of nonprofits provide paid sick leave. The median for paid time off is 18 days. 
  3. Although 66% of nonprofit CEO’s in the sample are women, median salaries for female CEOs are 15% less than their male counterparts.
  4. Smaller nonprofits—those with smaller revenue sizes—are more likely to be led by CEOs who are women and people of color, and larger nonprofits are more likely to be led by CEOs who are white males.
  5. 69% of nonprofits provide health insurance for employees, and 51% provide health insurance for family members.
  6. 65% of nonprofits offer some type of retirement plan for employees. Among these organizations, 53% offer a retirement plan with an employer contribution.


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