Yuliana Macey

Yuliana Macey


Yuliana Macey is a proud Latina from Peru. Yuliana studied Psychology in Peru and here, she completed an Associate Degree in Addiction Counseling and Associates Degree in Human Services/ Mental Health. She is also trained in Phycological First Aid. She is passionate about empowering Latinos in any way or form possible through education and networking. 

Yuliana currently works in Maryland Latinos Unidos as a Community Health Organizer where they create connections between non-profit organizations and listen to the voices of all those Latinos who want to be heard, they share information by creating networking opportunities among other organizations and sharing resources for the Latino communities.  

7 years ago, a group of friends and Yuliana, created a foundation called Fundación Puro Peru, whose mission is to promote Peruvian culture in the metropolitan area. They focus on educating the next generation, the Peruvian American kids. Their goal is to teach them why they are so proud of the Peruvian people and their culture.  

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Yuliana started doing outreach to the Latino community with the Anne Arundel Department of Health. She would help by giving resources to Latino families, providing any information about the virus and being a resource to anyone who needed it, and educating families about the vaccines when they were available.