AHA! Business Radio Interview: Nonprofits vs. Businesses

July 6, 2016

What is the difference between a nonprofit and a business? Is it beneficial for nonprofits to be more business-like, and vice-versa? Tune-in to AHA! Business Radio and listen to host Allan Hirsh’s conversation with President and CEO of Maryland Nonprofits, Heather Iliff, about what a nonprofit is, how nonprofits affect


of life in Maryland, and how a strong mission is vital to the success of nonprofits and corporations alike. In addition to his role as radio host, Allan Hirsch is Executive Leadership Advisor of Allan Hirsh Advisors, an Associate Member of Maryland Nonprofits with a mission to help small and mid-size business owners/CEOs become better leaders, better decision-makers, and achieve profitable growth for their businesses.

Listen to the radio podcast here. 

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