Attention: Don’t Let This Happen To Your Nonprofit!

February 8, 2018

Blog by Paddy Morton, General Counsel, Maryland Nonprofits

Imagine this: A nonprofit is hard at work, advancing its mission and expanding its service area. The executive director is juggling a variety of responsibilities related to programming, fundraising, and marketing, all within the strained budget the board hopes is growing despite the current funding climate.   

If that sounds like your organization, you might be surprised to learn that: 

  1. The organization’s corporate charter had lapsed for failure to file Personal Property Returns, and 
  2. The organization’s tax exemption was in jeopardy because 990s had not be submitted to the IRS for the past couple years, despite the fact that they had been prepared professionally

Set up routine systems to confirm compliance with these important legal requirements. For assistance,contact Maryland Nonprofits’ General Counsel at 443-438-2331 to conduct a basic Legal Compliance audit for you. We will confirm that your corporate charter and tax exemption are secure and that your organization is complying with the State of Maryland’s Charitable Solicitation Registration requirements. Using our Standards for Excellence Legal Requirements Checklist(Login to Member Community Required), we will assess your organization’s compliance with basic governance and operating requirements.