Baltimore Nonprofit Community Recovery Update

May 20, 2015

By Heather Iliff, President & CEO, Maryland Nonprofits

Learn more about the Baltimore Nonprofit Community Recovery.

What do we call the “events” that have transpired in Baltimore since the death of Freddie Gray?  Nonprofit leaders agreed on Monday that we will use “Baltimore Uprising” as a term that responds to the long-term, root-causes, and also the positive and future-oriented idea of helping communities “rise up” to uplift the standard of living, educational and wealth-building opportunities and create vibrant communities. The Baltimore Uprising can be described as part of a national “Black Spring” that links the Ferguson Action movement to demonstrations across the nation addressing not only police brutality but also deeper issues of structural racism, poverty, and disinvestment in Black communities.

Monday’s open-space dialogue here at Maryland Nonprofits highlighted the importance of the inter-connectedness of the issues facing Baltimore and how more big picture visioning and planning are needed for long-term change that breaks down the silos in our work.

Also, the National Council of Nonprofits recently featured Maryland Nonprofits and the Baltimore Nonprofit Community Recovery, “Nonprofits Provide Community Leadership, Out of Adversity, Toward Recovery.” It’s great recognition of the work nonprofit advocacy can accomplish to collaborate and solve issues in our communities.

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