Black Nonprofits in Maryland from A-Z

Black nonprofits in maryland from A-Z

Did you know that Black History Month was founded by a nonprofit? It’s true! The Association for the Study of African American Life and History’s founder, Dr. Carter G. Woodson first established “Negro History Week” in 1926 during the second week of February which holds Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. It was later extended to the whole month of February to deepen the study of African American history. Black history and the history of the nonprofit sector go hand in hand, with most of the milestones in the Civil Rights Movement being backed by Black nonprofits like the NAACP and funded by Black Philanthropists like A.G Gaston.

Maryland is home to over 37,000 nonprofit organizations. From arts and culture to social justice and civil rights, these mission led organizations serve our communities to improve the quality of life for over 6,000,000 Marylanders! With approximately 1,800,000, or 29.9% of those Marylanders being Black or African American, Black-led nonprofits are invaluable resources, as they often respond to specific needs that aren’t being met in main stream organizations. Across the state you can find Black-led nonprofits whose mission is dedicated to keeping children off the streets and away from a predatory prison system. Other organizations respond to Black women having the highest maternal mortality rate among racial and ethnic groups, and ensure that Black mothers are given adequate care and are  not only heard, but taken seriously during their labor.

This Black History Month, we’re focusing on Black-led and Black Community serving organizations from A-Z who are making history every day for Black Marylanders. Be sure to visit their webpages to learn how you can contribute to their mission this Black History Month!


ACLU Maryland
ACLU of Maryland exists to empower Marylanders to exercise their rights so that the law values and uplifts their humanity.

BLK ED Network
BLK ED Network’s mission is to empower Black Executive Directors as they navigate the systemic challenges in the nonprofit sector by providing access to the community, capital, and equitable development growth opportunities.

CLLCTIVLY’s mission is to end the fragmentation and duplication of programs, to learn from and about each other, and to be a resource for the Greater Baltimore community that seeks to find, fund and partner with Black social change organizations.

DSV Group
DSV Group was founded in 1999 based on the ideal of sustaining and growing the music and entertainment culture by providing a platform for the development of arts and entertainment in the DC, MD, and Virginia area.

Employ Prince Georges
Employ Prince George’s is an economic driver Prince George’s County and the DC Metropolitan Region, providing nationally recognized community and workforce development programming. Employ Prince George’s serves as the principal workforce development entity for Prince George’s County, with a mission to improve the local economy by creating a demand-driven workforce system with workforce development programs that deliver qualified workers to businesses, improves the productivity of businesses, and provides job seekers with opportunities for careers in high demand/high growth industries.

Friends of Southeast Baltimore County
Friends of Southeast Baltimore County aims to educate & support the fight for social justice, to advocate for Civil Rights via policy reform, to build up the Black community by working together to address and remove barriers to equity, equality, and access.

Greater Baltimore Urban League
Through direct service delivery, advocacy, referrals, community capacity building, information dissemination and technical assistance, the League accomplishes its mission to improve social and economic conditions and opportunities for African-Americans and other people who face barriers to full participation in American society.

Higher Achievement
Higher Achievement closes the opportunity gap during the pivotal middle school years. By leveraging the power of communities, Higher Achievement’s proven model provides a rigorous year-round learning environment, caring role models, and a culture of high expectations, resulting in college-bound scholars with the character, confidence, and skills to succeed.

I AM MENtality
I AM MENtality is uniquely crafted to combat challenges presented in Baltimore City/counties, and offer opportunities for male youth to develop their leadership potential through mentor-mentee relationships. We serve male youth ages ranging from 7 -18 years.

James E. Lewis Museum of Art
The James E. Lewis Museum of Art (JELMA) is the cultural extension of Morgan State University’s Fine Arts academic program. Developed to enhance the scholastic experience of the University’s student population and the community’s exposure to works of art, JELMA provides opportunities to experience exhibitions, programs and lectures.

Since 2009, Kids4Kenya has been raising funds to support primary school children in rural  Kenya, Africa. Their funds are channeled through grants to African Promise, an independent UK registered charity with field operations directly on the ground in Kenya.

Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle
Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS) is a grassroots think-tank which advances the public policy interest of Black people, in Baltimore, through youth leadership development, political advocacy, and autonomous intellectual innovation.

MOMCares’ mission is to reverse the crisis of Black maternal health nationwide by providing life-saving services.

Nonprofit Prince Georges County
Nonprofit Prince Georges specializes in equipping and empowering Prince George’s County nonprofits to better serve our communities, with a vision for Prince George’s County to be a racially equitable, inclusive, vibrant, and resource-rich community with multiple pathways to a high quality of life for all residents to thrive.

Organizing Black
Organizing Black seeks to transform systems and institutions by collective, transparent, and authentic relationships based on mutuality, respect, and justice. They believe that through centered presence and relationships; and a collective narrative of resilience and transformation, they will build a better society.

Power52 Foundation
Power52 Foundation seeks to break the cycle of poverty, unemployment, under employment, and incarceration in our urban communities across the nation through economic empowerment and clean energy access.

Queens’ Sisterhood Society
The Queens’ Sisterhood Society is a non-collegiate sisterhood and investment club.  They promote personal and business growth, building relationships and building wealth. They are aligned in their philanthropy and are committed to sowing back into their community.

Reginald F. Lewis Museum
The Lewis Museum has over 400 years of history in its permanent collection. Take a journey through Maryland African American history in the areas of industry, politics, leisure activities, sports, media, the arts, education, the military and more.

Starting with Today
Starting With Today (SWT) promotes Black wellbeing and liberation through community programs and advocacy training. By strategically partnering with small Black businesses and community hubs in Wards 7 and 8 of Washington DC and Prince George’s County within the Beltway, SWT creates safe learning spaces for adults to organize, raise awareness, create collective solutions, heal, and have tools, language, and training to better advocate for Black people, Black families, Black communities, and the Black collective.

The African Diaspora Alliance
The mission of The African Diaspora Alliance (ADA) is to holistically connect descendants of Africa to the global African community, known as the African Diaspora.

UndocuBlack Network
The UndocuBlack Network (UBN) is a multigenerational network of currently and formerly undocumented Black people that fosters community, facilitates access to resources, and contributes to transforming the realities of Black undocumented people, so they can thrive and live their fullest lives.

Vehicles for Christ
The Vision for Vehicles For Christ (VFC) is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be spread through donated vehicles, providing viable and consistent sustainability to various ministries, financially supporting our outreach efforts, providing reliable transportation to those in need and resources for church planting across the nation.

Wide Angle Youth Media
Through media arts education, Wide Angle Youth Media cultivates and amplifies the voices of Baltimore youth to engage audiences across generational, cultural, and social divides. Their programs inspire creativity and instill confidence in young people, empowering them with skills to navigate school, career, and life.

Xaverian Brothers
In several regions in the US Xaverian Brothers are reaching out to marginalized peoples by volunteering in soup kitchens, prison ministry, programs that help vulnerable children, and programs for immigrants, including teaching English as a second language and preparing them for the citizenship exam.

Youth Works
Youth Works collaborates with youth and employers to create a meaningful paid employment opportunity that enhances youth job skills.

ZenergyMe Schools Foundation
ZenergyMe Schools Foundation is dedicated to enlightening and improving the lives of children by building mindful life habits through mindful exercises.

Imany is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Maryland Nonprofits. Born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Imany started her journey in Baltimore at Morgan State University where she earned a B.S. in Strategic Communications. Imany has worked for the Baltimore Curriculum Project as a Social Media and Marketing Specialist and has done some freelance social media work for small businesses. She enjoys traveling and writing and has had work published in the Baltimore Times.