Conference Workshop Sneak Peek: Creative Solutions for Nonprofits with Rob Levit

October 15, 2014

Guest Blog by Rob Levit, Founder & Director, Creating Communities

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Many organizations don’t consider an arts program for their nonprofit because they do not understand the potential benefits. Here are four potential benefits of creating an arts program for your organization:

1. Discover the hidden talents of your clients – We all tend to think we know what makes our clients tick. But we don’t unless we have offered them several modalities to choose from. The fact is, some people just aren’t verbal. Some clients will express their hopes, dreams and needs when they have hands-on arts activities, creative writing and music. Often, arts activities will awaken dormant interests in clients and bring out positive personality traits that were previously unnoticed.


2. Engage staff in better interactions with clients – Arts activities can be used as a part of counseling and therapeutic services! When clients bring their creation to therapy they have something exciting and interesting to share. They can become more engaged with their provider and the provider can guide questions based on the creative process rather than standard questions. Also, staff can sit in on group arts sessions and participate, generating a greater sense of sharing and community organization wide. An arts program can empower employees too!


3. Develop an effective advocacy tool – Producing videos, music, art exhibits, photo books, creative writing journals and more can serve as a wonderful advocacy tool. Sometimes the general public can fear or misunderstand the clients we serve and generating art and creative work that is available to the community, so having a local gallery show, performance or poetry reading can draw often separated communities together.


4. Bring in new volunteers (and donors) – There are many talented artists and teachers in the community who have a heart for public service and/or are retired. Often, there are not enough quality volunteer opportunities for these talented folk in the community. An arts program is an opportunity to reach these untapped volunteers. In addition, some donors are particularly interested in the arts and often give only t performing arts organizations. If you can demonstrate the impact that their donations has on your very deserving clients, you may develop some new lifetime donors!


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