Give to a Standards for Excellence Accredited Organization this #GivingTuesday

November 21, 2023

2023 Giving Tuesday

Give to a Standards for Excellence Accredited Organization this #GivingTuesday


Baltimore, MD [November 21, 2023] – With Giving Tuesday just one week away, Maryland Nonprofits celebrates the monumental 25th Anniversary of its Standards for Excellence Institute. This initiative has redefined ethical standards and operational efficacy in the nonprofit sector.

The Standards for Excellence program began 25 years ago in response to crucial questions about ethics and public trust in the nonprofit sector. The Institute developed a rigorous accreditation process, signaling a nonprofit’s commitment to the highest standards of ethical practice, transparency, and operational excellence. Today, the program proudly accredits and recognizes 168 organizations nationwide, each exemplifying the highest standards of ethical practice and community impact.

A list of Maryland-based accredited and recognized organizations can be found here.

“The Standards for Excellence Code continues to be a North Star for nonprofits around Maryland and the nation,” according to Peter Berns, the first Executive Director of the Standards for Excellence program. “In celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the program, we recognize not only the achievements of Maryland’s nonprofits but also the vital role they play in our community.”

Nonprofit leaders can take a free online self-assessment to measure their organization’s current adherence to the benchmarks in the Standards for Excellence code. Independent academic research has shown that organizations that achieve Standards accreditation raise more funding and spend more on their missions compared to similarly situated nonprofits without Standards accreditation.

In a state where 39,995 nonprofits contribute a staggering $77 billion to the economy and employ 280,000 workers, the largest non-governmental workforce, the role of nonprofits in Maryland’s community and economy is both profound and essential. The public plays a crucial role in supporting nonprofit service providers. However, last year, individual giving to nonprofits declined 13.4%, which means the need for sustained support is more urgent than ever.

Maryland’s nonprofits are not just economic contributors; These organizations encompass a diverse range of essential services —from advancing healthcare and education to championing environmental sustainability and cultural enrichment. Their work is integral to the fabric of our society.

On this Giving Tuesday, Maryland Nonprofits encourages Marylanders to contribute financially to the collective achievements of nonprofits across Maryland —those providing life-saving medical services, those enriching lives through arts and education, and those pioneering solutions for a sustainable future. A contribution to a Standards for Excellence accredited or recognized organization is an investment in a better, more compassionate Maryland.

As the program looks to its next 25 years, the Standards for Excellence Institute continues to evolve, prioritizing an emphasis on justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. This evolution ensures that our nonprofit sector remains a vibrant and true reflection of the community it serves, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


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For 30 years, Maryland Nonprofits has worked to promote a thriving and effective nonprofit sector in Maryland and nationally through our Standards for Excellence Institute. With our 1,600 members, we coordinate advocacy with nonprofit leaders to advance equity and public policy that supports vibrant community organizations and civil society. Maryland Nonprofits’ capacity-building services include the state’s largest nonprofit consulting group, training, an annual conference, and accreditation through the Standards for Excellence® program. We are the home of the Maryland Association of Resources for Families and Youth (MARFY), Maryland Latinos Unidos, and the Charge-Up Collaborative. Maryland Nonprofits is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-partisan organization with a mission to strengthen organizations for greater quality of life and equity. Visit for more information.