Find Unemployment Insurance Tax Savings While Better Serving Your Communities

September 19, 2018


Guest Blog by Maryland Nonprofits Associate Member UST

As a nonprofit leader, you deal with human resources costs and pending legal changes on a regular basis. As the hidden expenses of state unemployment taxes become more apparent—and costly—we wanted to share with you a state-recognized alternative just for nonprofits.

As a 501(c)(3), you are allowed by federal law to pay only for the unemployment benefits claimed by former employees. This allows you to continue to provide employees with UI benefits without sharing in the excess costs of the state unemployment tax system.
Endorsed by Maryland Nonprofits since 2010, UST provides nonprofits with workforce solutions—including state-specific claims assistance, a live HR hotline, online employee training courses, e-Filing capabilities, and outplacement services—allowing you to refocus your funding and staffing resources on the communities you serve. Last year, UST returned $1,259,711 in recovered state errors to its members.
To get a more extensive preview of UST’s program options, as well as the opportunity to identify any hidden savings for 2019, be on the lookout for UST’s upcoming mailing, which will be hitting Maryland Nonprofits members’ mailboxes in mid-September. Members must submit the Cost Analysis before Nov 15th to meet the deadline for 2019 enrollment.