Focus on Marketing Pre-Conference Preview Session

October 29, 2015

Guest Blog by Rebecca Teaff, Owner & Chief Creative Officer, Redstart Creative, Associate Member of Maryland Nonprofits


Join Rebecca and Jenn Pak, of Redstart Creative, for the pre-conference session Focus on Marketing, Thursday, November 12th at the Alice Ferguson Foundation in Accokeek, Maryland.This fast-paced and interactive session will cover graphic design, branding and logos, and social media, website, and email tools to boost your communications.
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Here are two sneak peaks into our Focus on Marketing Pre-Conference Session on actionable items you can do on your own to boost your marketing efforts!

Design 101 Tips

Design tips for when you have to go it alone and design your own print pieces:

#1 Determine what you want to say and who you want to say it to. A clear audience and clear message is key. Include a call to action.

#2 Prioritize your information. Determine the most important information all the way down to the least. Lead your reader through the content with your design & placement.

#3 Keep your design clear and simple. Stick to a grid, decide 2-5 columns. When placing text and copy, place it within these grids. All layout elements should be within these imaginary guides.

Driving Organic Search

Page titles help Google sort through millions of indexed sites to find one that matches the user’s search request.

  • Make sure you are incorporating keywords that a client or donor would be looking for in your page titles. For example, let’s use a make believe store, located in Baltimore County, that sells organic lemonade. The best page title is “The Best Organic Lemonade in Baltimore County”. The title matches perfectly.
  • The shorter the title the better, as these titles will also be showing up in your URL in the browsers. A shorter title for our example would be “Organic Lemonade Stand” or “Baltimore County Organic Lemonade”. Both titles will work; however, the shorter title will offer a better search string that a browser may search.
  • Shorten your link when sharing on social media. Online sites are available to shorten links you intend to share. It makes it easier for your users to share the link and also track clicks on that specific link. To learn more visit:

Now that you’ve had a peek, join us November 12th for the full session. Learn more…


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