Garrett County: Write to Commissioners to form a Social Justice Advisory Committee!

June 9, 2021

Anti-Racist Appalachia is asking Garrett County Marylanders to share their thoughts and ideas with local leaders in support of starting a social justice advisory group.Last night, the Commissioners held a public meeting, the last five minutes of which were used to discuss the anti-racist/social justice advisory group. While the Commissioners “approved” that working group at that May 10th meeting, their comments last night have left many folks feeling uneasy. You can watch the meeting here: The discussion of the advisory group begins at 19:00.
The Commissioners are seeking comments from community members regarding the group, whether it is necessary, and how community members “feel” about the group. Whether last night’s comments were just a formality or a cause for concern about the future of the advisory group, we think it is best for all of our members to write to the Commissioners in support of the group’s formation. Your voice matters!
All comments can be sent via email to Because it is often the case that staff members in the Commissioners’ offices just make a quick tally of comments received, PLEASE INCLUDE IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE “IN SUPPORT OF” + “DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION COMMITTEE” or “SOCIAL JUSTICE ADVISORY GROUP.” Something that immediately tells whoever is logging the comment that you write in support of the formation of the group.
The email can be very short! Even a sentence! Here are some talking points you could include:
  • I believe we need this group because…
    • All members of our community deserve to feel safe here.
    • All members of our community deserve to have their voices heard and concerns met, especially BIPOC members of our community who for so long have been underrepresented and ignored. 
    • The various racist events of the past year, like the KKK intimidation act that occurred at the lake, have made me worried for the safety of my family and my fellow community members. 
    • Our local economy depends on tourism and Garrett County must reckon with, address, and work to eradicate the racism in our community if we wish to truly be a safe and welcoming community for any person of color who may visit. 
    • With more and more people able to work from home, there are so many people moving from urban areas into rural communities like our. We have an opportunity to grow our community, but that will not happen if we continue being perceived as a racist, intolerant, and unwelcoming place for any person who is not white.
    • Affordable housing, transportation, the minimum wage–these are all racial justice issues that this advisory group could address!

If you are not a resident of Garrett County, but spend time visiting, you are still welcome to share your thoughts and may modify any of the above.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact