In Case You Missed It, Text Marketing Matters Webinar Follow-up

April 16, 2014

Jason Cohen, VP Digital Services, Associate Member, The Spokes Agency

In case you missed the webinar Text Marketing Matters, you can still catch-up on tips presented by Associate Member Jason Cohen, Vice President of Digital Services at The Spokes Agency. Read Jason’s follow-up from the webinar below, and be sure to check out notes from the webinar and a handy Mobilescoops flyer.

In my presentation “How to Reach Your (Entire) Audience In Three Seconds Flat”, I posed the questions:

“How quickly do your (Facebook Posts, Twitter Posts, Emails, Direct Mails) get read?” and…

“How many of your (Facebook Posts, Twitter Posts, Emails, Direct Mails) get read?”

There are some pretty interesting performance metrics with the platforms listed above:
• Facebook has only a 3% organic reach.
• Email usually only achieves a 15-20% Open Rate.
• Twitter posts are ignored at an amazing rate (71% get ignored!)

But… 98% of ALL Text Messages are read!  And, 90% of them are read within the first 3 minutes!!  In short, there is no better or faster way to reach your audience and have your message read.  Period.

There are a variety of ways nonprofits can use text messaging. They range from a ‘checkin’ at events to mobile event registration and soliciting donations.  A messaging mix is most recommended, which would include you sharing facts and information with a ‘read more’ link made available for any interested parties to click through to your web site or blog for more information.

If you would like to discuss ways your nonprofit can use text messaging, please contact me at 877-672-6677, ext 2.

Thank you,
Jason Cohen

We’ve got more lunchtime webinars coming up, check out them out here!


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