Intentionally Building a Culture of Caring From an Executive Level

Group of people in work attire sit around a conference table eating pizza and laughing. They are diverse in age and race.
The article Changing Company Culture Requires a Movement, not a Mandate, by Bryan Walker and Sarah A. Soule, shares that culture lives in the collective hearts and habits of people and their shared perception of “how things are done around here”.

The absence of a culture of care leads to burnout, toxicity, stagnation, confusion, and sometimes unpleasant ‘water cooler chat’. In fact, gossip can be one of those rampant activities that indicate a need to address your workplace’s culture. Gossip is the beginning of the declaration that says, we need attention. Something’s wrong here.

Exceptional workplace culture is not something that automatically happens because you have a talented team and leadership. It begins with a deliberate declaration of the important philosophies, beliefs, and practices that intentionally create a workplace of possibilities.

Creating this culture takes continual nurturing and care to attend to the invisible elements that allow people to actively and continually use their gifts to further the mission. This is across the board for all people in the organization.

Culture change is one of the greatest untapped sources of performance improvement for organizations, and when executives deliberately concentrate on caring for the workplace culture, success naturally follows.

Join us virtually on April 29th for a heartfelt conversation among nonprofit executives. We will discuss practices that help all staff bring their best selves to work to create an asset-rich organization. This can be possible even if we are not paid enough, and the work remains chronically urgent.

This will be a lively conversation about the intersection of vibrant cultures with motivated teams and powerful results. Join us for the first executive-level focused conversation on how to seamlessly build a culture of caring for your organization.

Let’s work together to create and practice strong, compassionate, caring workplace culture!

Wendy Wolff brings nearly 25 years of diverse consulting experiences to her role as Director of Strategic Engagement for Maryland Nonprofits. She uses her strategic thinking skills to help clients synthesize information from wide-ranging sources, reframe problems while uncovering root causes to find refreshing, creative and effective solutions. Over the past two decades, Wendy has helped thousands of organizations and their people to create brighter futures for the communities in which they serve. Her excitement in working with the members of Maryland Nonprofits is infectious. She values the genius that each and every person brings to their role in the sector and works diligently to elevate any person that she engages with.