MALVEC Partners – Center of Help

August 5, 2021

The Center of Help, founded in 1999, serves the immigrant community in Annapolis and the surrounding area. Services offered include the Case Navigation program, which connects community members with resources in order to promote self-sufficiency in the long term, and educational programs for both youth and adults, including English classes, citizenship classes, and after-school engagement. As a well-known and trusted organization within the immigrant community, the Center reaches thousands of people throughout Anne Arundel County and beyond.

Having cultivated long standing relationships with individuals and institutions within the Latinx community, the Center of Help leverages these connections to promote the work of MALVEC. The Center is creating messaging that addresses COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among the Latinx population, and connecting people to services and resources. As such, the Center is collaborating with the City of Annapolis to provide site locations for community vaccination clinics.

En Español:

El Centro de Ayuda, fue fundado en 1999 para servir a la comunidad de inmigrantes en Annapolis. Tiene servicios y programas educativos que llegan a miles de personas en todo el condado de Anne Arundel y más allá. Constituye una organización reconocida y confiable dentro de la comunidad de inmigrantes. 

El Centro utiliza las relaciones sólidas y de confianza que ha cultivado dentro de la comunidad Latina para apoyar a MALVEC, promoviendo mensajes que contrarrestan las dudas que existen alrededor de la vacuna contra el COVID-19 entre la población latina y la conecta con servicios y recursos, incluido el acceso a la vacuna. El Centro de Ayuda trabaja con la ciudad de Annapolis para proporcionar ubicaciones donde puedan establecerse las clínicas de vacunación de la comunidad. 

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