Maryland Nonprofits Leads Intersectional Systems Change in 2024 for Equity

December 18, 2023

Baltimore, MD | [12/18/2023] – Maryland Nonprofits, the only association representing all 40,000 nonprofits in the state, proudly announces its transformative commitment to intersectional systems change, a focal point of its 2024 Policy Priorities. These comprehensive statewide goals aim to eliminate systemic barriers, ensuring all Marylanders may equitably participate in a thriving and inclusive state, regardless of age, race, religion, socio-economic background, gender identity, location, disability, or residency status.

Despite recent economic growth, significant disparities persist among the diverse communities served by nonprofits in Maryland. Access to essential resources such as healthcare, sustainable nutrition, and housing remains a challenge. Maryland Nonprofits recognizes the urgent need for systemic change to level the playing field in a robust economy.

Walter Simmons, Chair of the Maryland Nonprofits Board of Directors, emphasizes their unwavering commitment, stating, “A robust economy must uplift all Marylanders, leaving no one behind. Our priorities reflect our steadfast resolve to dismantle systemic barriers and champion equity across our state.”

At a December 7 meeting hosted by Maryland Nonprofits, nonprofit advocates considered system reform and revolution. They discussed the importance of stakeholder engagement, collaboration, and finding common ground, emphasizing inclusive approaches to shape policies for a more equitable society in line with Maryland Nonprofits’ commitment to Intersectional Systems Change.

Heather Iliff, President & CEO of Maryland Nonprofits, expresses gratitude for the Moore-Miller administration’s attention to the nonprofit sector and historically marginalized communities. She commends their dedication, saying, “In the inaugural year of the Moore-Miller Administration, we are witnessing unprecedented collaboration among cabinet secretaries. Their commitment to addressing these issues is truly commendable.”

The 2024 Policy Priorities include:

Advance Social and Economic Justice and Inclusion: Prioritizing equitable access to government benefits, fortifying democracy, and eradicating gender-based employment bias, among other vital initiatives.

Affordable Housing in Safe and Environmentally Sustainable Communities: Tackling the housing affordability crisis, advocating for community diversification, and ensuring equitable environmental standards.

Promoting Safe and Healthy Children and Youth: Proposing universal access to healthy school meals, enhancing child welfare systems, and supporting students with disabilities.

Universal Access to Quality Health Care and Health Equity: Expanding healthcare accessibility, dismantling insurance coverage barriers, and bolstering healthcare providers.

Protection from Injustice and Violence: Amplifying funding for services to victims of family violence and sexual assault, enhancing victim compensation, and reinforcing gun violence reduction.

Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector’s Ability to Serve Maryland Communities: Advocating for comprehensive grant-making reform, forging workforce development partnerships, and bolstering technology capabilities within nonprofits.

Katy McGuire, Chair of the Maryland Nonprofits Policy Council, highlights the power of collective action, affirming, “These policy priorities reflect the collaborative efforts of Maryland’s nonprofit sector.” Maryland Nonprofits crafts its annual policy objectives through invaluable input from Maryland Nonprofits members and the broader nonprofit community in the state.

In the coming year, Maryland Nonprofits will assemble nonprofits, government, and other partners for dialogues that carve a path towards a new era, one where Maryland’s systems put people first and propel the state toward progress.

Maryland Nonprofits extends a warm invitation to all stakeholders to join in championing these priorities during the upcoming legislative session. The organization will also host its Legislative Preview on January 8, 2024, offering valuable insights into the legislative process and avenues for advocacy.

For more information, please contact:

Imany Dye
Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Maryland Nonprofits


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Conner Wolfe is a nonprofit and development professional dedicated to advancing social justice and the common good. In his current position, Conner provides administrative, correspondence, fundraising, and technology support to the Maryland Nonprofits President & CEO and Board of Directors and engages in advocacy, primarily at the federal level.