Quality of Life—Arts & Culture

  • Indicator: Per capita attendance at arts & culture-related events
  • Source: SMU DataArts (data provided by request)
  • Years included: 2010-2017


We chose this indicator because, as an audience-centered dataset, it is a strong gauge of the impact of arts organizations’ broad impact on quality of life in Maryland. This dataset only includes those arts organizations producing or presenting arts and cultural events that receive grants from the Maryland State Arts Council and some other grant-making organizations; however, this encompasses a significant proportion of arts organizations in Maryland—ranging from all-volunteer groups to the Baltimore Office for Promotion and the Arts and other major players in the field. As such, we felt it was sufficiently representative.

In the figures below, very high percentages likely indicate that arts and culture events in that jurisdiction are drawing significant numbers of people from other jurisdictions and/or that residents are attending multiple events.

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