Medical Training & Supplies to Citizens as an Emergency Response

Medical training and supplies to citizens as an emergency response

The following is a letter sent to to Congressman Sarbanes, President Trump, and Governor Hogan by Shawnta Jackson. Shawnta Jackson is Founder & Chief Executive of Cause Engagement Associates where she supports the efforts of socially conscious initiatives across the United States. She holds a Master of Public Health degree in social and behavioral health from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations from Columbia College Chicago. Shawnta has served as the Community Health Program Manager and Faculty Research Specialist with the Center for Health Equity at the University of Maryland, College Park, Southern Nevada Vice President of the Nevada Public Health Association, and more.

We need manual respirators in homes.

As COVID-19 cases in MD and all of the U.S.A. rise, we know that our current hospital systems will be overwhelmed. I’m writing to suggest that a plain language medically-accurate training be provided online, via phone, paper, and signage for caregivers of individuals with the COVID-19 virus and the general public.

Medical emergency supply kits should be made for delivery or pick-up at essential businesses including state and local government offices, food distribution centers, hospitals, and grocery stores.

There may have to be some criteria guidelines, but the state, local and federal governments should supply N95 masks, gloves, hospital grade wipes, medications such as antivirals and antibacterials, and any equipment that could be used with proper training to minimize mortality rates. People need access to respirators which do not have to be electronic. Content should also include immune system boosting tips. A lot of us are capable of providing medical assistance to our families and selves, if properly trained and provided supplies.