Member Spotlight: The Arc Baltimore

Member Spotlight: The Arc Baltimore

The Arc Baltimore has been a member of Maryland Nonprofits since our founding 30 years ago!

We wanted to take a moment to celebrate the amazing work that they’ve been doing in Baltimore. Since 1949, The Arc Baltimore has been supporting people with developmental disabilities (autism, Down syndrome, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, etc.) to lead fulfilling lives with a sense of belonging, purpose, and meaningful relationships,

They have been working harder than ever to improve the lives of community members. During the pandemic, The Arc Baltimore offered 2,160 virtual courses annually to 183 day services participants, helped 75 people earn new jobs, and supported 150 people working in essential positions. The Arc was also recently awarded several grants from the Federal Government, the State of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, private foundations and corporations that funded much need hazard staff pay, staff retention bonuses, upgraded technology for remote employees, high-efficiency indoor air protection systems, residential accessibility upgrades, program support, family crisis funding, vehicles, and COVID response and recovery assistance.

Mission: The Arc Baltimore supports people with developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives with a sense of belonging, purpose, and meaningful relationships.


 In 1949, a group of eight parents founded our organization and began laying the groundwork for the direct service programs that would become the hallmark of The Arc Baltimore. Over the next 25 years, The Arc was a consistent pioneer in programming through the establishment of a developmental program for young children who weren’t guaranteed education at the time, several recreational programs, a sheltered workshop, the state’s first activity center for adults, the state’s first group home in Roland Park, a landscape employment services division, and countless other programs.

The next 30 years saw the creation of a respite care program, janitorial employment services, a treatment foster care program, and the expansion of our groundbreaking community living program to accommodate deinstitutionalized individuals. In addition, there was a reduction of employment and day centers from twelve to 4 to encourage greater community involvement, and the creation of a number of family services including support groups, education series, and a crisis assistance fund.

In 2008, the Arc launched the innovative Project SEARCH high school and adult employment internship program that now partners with the University of Maryland Medical Center; University of Maryland, Baltimore; Northwest Hospital; and MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. In 2013, they created their Career Catalyst program that focuses on helping employees with developmental disabilities who are currently underemployed or unemployed find meaningful employment in an industry of their choosing.

Programs & Services:

 The Arc Baltimore is an indispensable resource for people of all ages with developmental disabilities, providing employment training and support, day and residential services, family support and education, treatment foster care, assistive technology services, respite care, public policy advocacy, and information and referrals.

At every stage of life, The Arc Baltimore is there to support people with disabilities and their families at home, in the workplace, and in their neighborhoods, not only with basic needs, but with meeting goals, forming meaningful relationships, and making dreams come true.

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Kate moved to Baltimore in 2017 to pursue her B.A. in Sociology at Johns Hopkins University. Kate has worked with a variety of nonprofits in Baltimore, including Thread and Fusion Partnerships. She lives in Baltimore City and keeps busy reading and exploring the city.