My Spring Internship At Maryland Nonprofits

April 11, 2018

Blog by Danielle Brown, Maryland Nonprofits Marketing Intern, Spring 2018

I have only a few more days left in my internship at Maryland Nonprofits and I have learned so much in my time as Marketing Intern. When I first arrived at the office, I was immediately welcomed by everyone in the office. My supervisor, Lydia, took the time to walk me through the office, introduce me to everyone and show me my workspace. During my first day, I was treated to lunch where I had the opportunity to get to know more about my supervisors. My first day set me up for an unforgettable experience where I would learn invaluable information. 

During my first month as

, I met with the different staff members to learn about the role each department plays in the nonprofit sector. Each staff member I met with took time to get to know me and what my life is like, instead of just sticking to business. These meetings made me feel welcome in the office and everyone made sure to remember my interest in editing. After telling everyone about my skills in editing, many of the staff sent me documents they thought could use improving. I felt very honored that everyone was confident in my skills to seek out my help. 

From day one, I was included in meetings, email chains, and conversations. Being included in these things taught me a lot about how the company works and how each department has to work together to complete their goals. After each meeting, Lydia made sure to check in with me and explain anything she thought I might have missed. These interactions with Lydia made me more comfortable to come to her with any questions I might have had. 

One of my favorite things about this internship experience was the way I was treated by each staff member. Each staff member remembered my name and made sure to say hello to me each day. I never once felt that I was unwelcome in the office and was excited each day to work with the staff. 

This internship, while sometimes frustrating, was an incredible experience that I will never forget. Each day held a new challenge for me that I took on willingly. When I felt I couldn’t complete a task, the staff was there with words of advice and encouragement to help me through. After my time at Maryland Nonprofits, I believe the staff to be one family that works together for a common goal. While I have only been here for a semester, I feel like I am part of a close-knit family.