My Summer Internship with Maryland Nonprofits

September 12, 2017

Blog by Olivia Dwelley, Maryland Nonprofits Marketing Intern, Summer 2017 

My time as a Marketing Intern at Maryland Nonprofits is coming to an end, and a reflection of the last 3 months shows what a valuable experience it has been. Arriving late on my first day due to a minor car accident, I was immediately welcomed into the Maryland Nonprofits community.  I was introduced to the entire staff and my fellow interns. After a tour through the building and a look at my workspace, another intern and I were treated to a lunch that set the stage for the fun lunchtime conversations that have occurred ever since. That first day set the stage for an internship through which I have learned immeasurable amounts of knowledge about marketing, the nonprofit sector, and the workforce in general.

Part of the orientation program for interns is to meet with different staff members to learn how they contribute to the organization’s mission. We were not only able to meet and understand what everyone

but also see how they all work with other staff members and clients. Gaining a glimpse at the different fields allowed us the opportunity to ask questions and learn as much about the nonprofit world as we could. One can see the value that Maryland Nonprofits places on their interns simply by the orientation process and the importance they place on knowledge. One of my favorite quotes from these meetings is that as a volunteer intern we should be taking more than we’re giving. We are taking all the knowledge, the skills, and the experience that we can.  

Constantly being involved and included in meetings, events, and conversations added to the welcoming vibe. This environment encouraged interns to ask questions, get to know coworkers, and produce the best work possible. They were willing to teach us about the design programs and websites that we use, as well as offer feedback whenever we asked. One of the key things that I have learned throughout my college experience is that communication in the workplace is very important. My supervisors and I maintained an open communication channel that made tasks and expectations



Though not without faults and frustrations, the team at Maryland Nonprofits sustains a transparent environment that welcomes input and values each member. When an unexpected or unpleasant hurdle is thrown in the path, the team talks about the areas in which they can change and improve. This was encouraging to see because it showed a positive environment that can acknowledge and learn from their mistakes and not let those mistakes take away from the mission. After this internship experience, I feel that I am and always will be a part of the Maryland Nonprofits community. 

About the Author

Olivia Dwelley is a junior at Dickinson College studying Art and Art History and International Business and Management. She was a Marketing  Intern with Maryland Nonprofits during Summer 2017.