Policy Alert: House Bill 1210

February 23, 2021

Maryland Nonprofits plans to submit testimony on HB1210, which is being heard in the House Economic Matters Committee this Wednesday, Feb. 24. We recognize and will point out numerous questions and concerns shared with us individually or in an online discussion convening 150 organizations that we held on Friday, February 19.

These questions include but are not limited to:

  • Whether the scope of diversity recognized by the term “underrepresented community” in the bill is appropriate or too narrow (ex: should people with disabilities or the LGBTQIA+ community be included in the scope?); and
  • The intended meaning of or what the prospective definitions of several broad terms might include, such as “demonstrate … membership of underrepresented communities” and “support for underrepresented communities in the entity’s mission”; and
  • The extent to which the impact of the legislation is dependent on the outcome of a regulatory process

Our testimony urges passage of the bill, but also asks that the bill be amended to either clarify these and other questions subject to regulation, or to require that the regulations be available for public review and legislative consideration in 2022 before they take effect. The bill would not take effect until July 2022.

We encourage you to share your particular views or concerns with your own representatives in the legislature and those on the Economic Matters Committee (listed below).

House Economic Matters Committee

Title First Name Last Name Extension (841-410-xxxx) Email Address
Delegate Christopher T. Adams 3433 christopher.adams@house.state.md.us
Delegate Steven J. Arentz 3543 steven.arentz@house.state.md.us
Delegate Talmadge Branch 3398 talmadge.branch@house.state.md.us
Delegate Benjamin Brooks 3352 Benjamin.Brooks@house.state.md.us
Delegate Ned Carey 3047 Ned.Carey@house.state.md.us
Delegate Lorig Charkoudian 3423 lorig.charkoudian@house.state.md.us
Delegate Brian M. Crosby 3227 brian.crosby@house.state.md.us
Delegate Dereck E. Davis 3519 dereck.davis@house.state.md.us
Delegate Kathleen M. Dumais 3052 kathleen.dumais@house.state.md.us
Delegate Diana M. Fennell 3478 Diana.Fennell@house.state.md.us
Delegate Mark N. Fisher 3231 mark.fisher@house.state.md.us
Delegate Seth A. Howard 3439 Seth.Howard@house.state.md.us
Delegate Rick Impallaria 3289 rick.impallaria@house.state.md.us
Delegate Carl Jackson 3766 carl.jackson@house.state.md.us
Delegate Johnny Mautz 3429 Johnny.Mautz@house.state.md.us
Delegate Jesse T. Pippy 3118 jesse.pippy@house.state.md.us
Delegate Lily Qi 3090 lily.qi@house.state.md.us
Delegate Pam Queen 3380 pam.queen@house.state.md.us
Delegate Mike Rogers 3372 mike.rogers@house.state.md.us
Delegate Veronica Turner 3212 veronica.turner@house.state.md.us
Delegate Kriselda Valderrama 3210 kris.valderrama@house.state.md.us
Delegate Jay Walker 3581 jay.walker@house.state.md.us
Delegate Courtney Watson 3077 courtney.watson@house.state.md.us
Delegate C. T. Wilson 3325 ct.wilson@house.state.md.us