Since 1999, the DC Bar Pro Bono Center has provided legal assistance to community-based nonprofits and small businesses serving low-income communities, and economically disadvantaged individuals. Working with pro bono coordinators at DC’s top law firms, the DC Bar Pro Bono Center ensures nonprofits have access to attorneys of with appropriate expertise. It builds nonprofit capacity through the Nonprofit Legal Assistance Program, matches nonprofits with law firms to provide pro bono legal counsel, offers legal clinics, in-person trainings, online webinars, and features a virtual resource center about nonprofit legal issues. The DC Bar Pro Bono Center also offers resources to nonprofits in formation applying for 501(c)(3) status. For more information or to request pro bono legal services, click here.


  • DC Nonprofits with any 501(c) status from the IRS
  • Nonprofits that are in the process of being formed in DC and have not yet received their tax-exempt status from the IRS


Attend a legal clinic: The Pro Bono Center offers legal clinics where nonprofits can meet one-on-one with attorneys for brief advice on topics such as good governance and intellectual property. The events calendar is updated as these clinics are announced.

Find counsel: A key service is the Pro Bono Center’s matches small nonprofits with pro bono legal counsel, which can result in either a short- or long-term relationship to assist with employment law, real estate, corporate governance, contract review, intellectual property, and tax-exempt status.

Receive training: In-person and webinar trainings educate nonprofits on important legal issues, such as board governance, employment law, nonprofit regulation and other legal issues. The events calendar is updated as these trainings are announced.

Discover New Legal Resources: Free guides, alerts on law changes, and archived trainings are available on the online resource center, accessible here on the LawHelp website. Click here to check out available resources.


  • Consulting and Technical Assistance
  • Nonprofit Legal Clinics
  • Training and Education
  • Nonprofit Trainings
  • Nonprofit Legal Resources (Topics include: board governance, starting a nonprofit, IRS compliance, alerts on law changes, a trainings archive)
  • Volunteer & Board Matching
  • Nonprofit Matches with Law Firms


Click here to learn more about upcoming trainings and webinars for nonprofits.


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