Founded in 2009, ProInspire partners with nonprofit, social enterprise and public sector organizations based in Washington D.C. and the San Francisco Bay area that address access to education, employment, family wellness, health, housing, and youth development. ProInspire uses paid fellowships, leadership development workshops, and specialized trainings to expand talent pipelines, develop leaders, and prioritize equity and diversity to catalyze social sector performance.


  • Executive Directors and Hiring Managers of nonprofit organizations with 501(c)3 status, as well as social enterprise and public sector agencies.


Seeking Staffing Support? ProInspire has developed a talent pool of young professionals with 2-5 years of private sector experience who want to build careers in the social sector. Using a rigorous selection process, Fellows are placed in year-long finance, fundraising, analytic, operations, human resources, marketing or strategic roles, while also participating in leadership development training from ProInspire to ensure the Fellow’s successful transition. Click here to learn about the benefits of hiring a Fellow.

Looking for Training? Managing for Success, ProInspire’s signature four-month training program builds core competencies for new social sector managers by combining full-day workshops, personal assessments, peer learning, mentoring, fieldwork and resource center, and network of alumni. More information about the cohorts can be found here.

The Impact Accelerator is an immersive two-day institute for early-career professionals to deepen their understanding of the social sector, their leadership strengths and skills, their value to the sector, and to translate that value into opportunity

Need Something Different? Consider hiring ProInspire to deliver workshops based on their existing leadership development curriculum, or customize a workshop tailored to your organization’s specific needs. All of the programs are delivered by ProInspire’s expert faculty, comprised of talented professionals who bring over 100 years of combined experience. Click here to learn more about leadership development opportunities or to request a specific training.


Leadership Development

Training and Education

  • Managing for Success Program for new and recent managers
  • ProInspire Impact Accelerator, an immersive institute for early-career professionals
  • Customized Workshops and Trainings on topics such as Coaching, Delegation, Emotional Intelligence, Feedback, Managing Up, and Meyers-Briggs


Click here to learn more about upcoming trainings.


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