Promoting Your Nonprofit Through Effective Branding & Storytelling

September 2, 2015

Guest Blog by Alizah Epstein, Chief Creative Officer, Epstein Creative Group, Associate Member of Maryland Nonprofits


Alizah Epstein is the Chief Creative Officer at the Epstein Creative Group. As a passionate creative thinker and problem-solver, she is the driving force behind the branding and marketing design studio. What makes this firm different is that they focus on branding and marketing for organizations that benefit women and children. Through strategic branding and marketing efforts, they secure more donors and build awareness so these organizations can continue the good work that they do. To Learn more visit Design with purpose.


Marketing is the backbone of every successful company. Without it, many organizations, companies, and nonprofits would not stay in business for very long. While many people understand the significance of marketing in the real world and how crucial it is to longevity, some struggle with creating campaigns that yield positive results.

Along with a well-thought-out, organized plan, storytelling and branding are two key ingredients behind every great marketing campaign. Here’s why:


Branding creates loyal supporters and advocates for your cause. A great brand is clear, simple, consistent and unique and generally includes an original logo, tagline or name. When launching your nonprofit’s brand, consider the following:

A.      MISSION STATEMENT: Clarify your values – your beliefs about your responsibility to your employees, supporters, volunteers, and community. Bring it to life through daily activities and decisions.

B.       VISUALS: Know your “look” and use it consistently. Certain colors can make your brand stand out and evoke emotion. The same can be said for certain shapes, too.

C.       KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: Determine where your target audience is located, what problems you can solve for them, what you would like for them to think about your brand, who else is competing for their loyalty and devotion, etc.

In the upcoming seminar, we’ll delve further into:

  • The common mistakes that can harm a nonprofit’s brand

  • How to establish your brand’s “personality”

  • How to determine who your audience truly is

  • How to stand out from the competition

  • How to protect your brand

  • How to create brand loyalty

  • How to define your brand’s overall look



Effective storytelling personalizes your cause and gives it a voice. It also builds awareness, links others to your generosity and shows just how your services have helped to change the world for the better.

Stories for your nonprofit might include ones about people you’ve helped along the way and how they benefited from your services. Other stories might highlight people in your organization and how they are making the world we live in a better place. Other stories might include a community problem your nonprofit recently resolved. No matter the angle you take—each story shows your nonprofit’s “personality.”

When creating content, here are some things to consider:

A.   LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN: Learn to talk less and listen more to the people linked to your organization. Everyone has a story to tell. 

B.    USE PHOTOS: You’ve probably heard the saying before, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s so true!

During the seminar, we’ll also learn:

  • How great storytelling can build stronger relationships within a community

  • The five parts of strong storytelling

  • How nonprofits can create and tell good stories people will care about

  • How others have launched successful campaigns that resulted in big donations

  • The seven types of stories non-profits should be telling

  • How to use stories to promote your nonprofit’s brand

  • How to find FREE photos to accompany your stories

Join Alizah from the Epstein Creative Group on September 8th at Maryland Nonprofit’s Tech To Tell Your Story Conference to take part in two crucial discussions: ‘The Power of Branding’ and ‘Giving Your Cause a Voice: Storytelling for Nonprofits.’



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