Survey: What Should Be in Maryland’s Budget?

August 24, 2016


The 2017 legislature will see more discussion of cutting state taxes (less revenue for needed services) or calls to ‘streamline government’ to deal with deficit concerns (again, less revenue for needed services).  These proposals will assume that we’re already meeting the social and human needs of Marylanders and there’s room to cut back without really harming anyone.  After all, ‘nonprofits can always just pick up the slack.’


to protecting the people and communities who need help is to point out that current funding is already inadequate in many critical programs – and advocates will need real numbers and examples to make this case to lawmakers and the public. 


The Maryland Center

Economic Policy (“MDCEP”) and Maryland Nonprofits are asking for your help –  


Is there a program or service you’ve been trying to get funded in Maryland but haven’t been successful? Is there a publicly funded program or service you work with that is effective but has a long waiting list because there isn’t enough state support? These are the kinds of things we want to hear about.


Please use this form to submit your suggestions by Sept. 1. You’ll want to be prepared

the estimated cost of the program (if known), a basic summary of what it is and how it would benefit Marylanders, and a link to any past fiscal notes related to the proposal (if applicable). If you’re submitting more than one item, you will need to start back from the beginning again for each item.


Please contact Kali Schumitz at MDCEP with any questions about this survey, and Henry Bogdan at Maryland Nonprofits about any issues concerning nonprofit advocacy or lobbying.


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