This Cobbler Has BRAND New Shoes!

August 19, 2015

Guest Blog by Susan Hughes, Chief Brand Strategist, Orgonomic, Associate Member of Maryland Nonprofits



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Good branding and communication are key to just about everything– fundraising, volunteer and board recruitment, brand awareness, and so much more! Orgonomic, having recently refreshed their brand and communication strategy, share their own brand struggles; the road to better communication; and the relief we all feel when brands are renewed and communication troubles are tamed. It’s easier than you may think. This post is the first in a weekly series exploring the power of branding in the nonprofit community.

I recently redesigned my website and I have to say that it feels pretty darn good. You see, I had been living in the grips of online brand shame for too long. It’s a common problem—organizations become apprehensive about marketing because of their dated, brand-killing website. It’s depressing. And it’s an epidemic.

Like many, my website wasn’t up to par. I—the expert brand and communication strategist—had a website that was an online flop. I tried claiming  “The cobbler has no shoes,” but seriously? My website had become my personal and professional mojo thief. “Really, I’m good at what I do. Just don’t look at my website. It’s not done yet!”

Uh, no.

Finally, a few weeks ago, I had had enough. This cobbler decided to get a BRAND new pair of shoes, the kind that fit like a glove and are comfortable and easy to walk in. In order to attract the right organizations and convince them that I, Susan Hughes, can help them to transform their brands and build stronger communities, I was going to have to practice what I preach. Pronto.

So, at last, I did for myself what I’ve been doing for my clients all along! First, I dug deep and redeveloped my brand platform. I then created a communication strategy, identifying my goals and the needs of my audiences so I could communicate with intention, reach my goals, make my people happy, and put these skills to work. I also rewrote my messaging, updated my visual identity, and developed an editorial calendar to keep me on track.

I now feel the same relief that I’ve seen on my clients’ faces as their brands are renewed and their communication troubles are tamed. Your brand platform helps you to communicate your organization’s genuine passion and purpose with clarity, consistency, and personality. With shoes that fit perfectly it’s much easier to step out feeling confident. Voila!

Welcome to my new website and blog: Brand. Not Bland.


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