Update on OMB Guidance Implementation

July 15, 2015

By Henry Bogdan, Public Policy & Advocacy Director, Maryland Nonprofits

The National Council of Nonprofits (“NCN”) and Maryland Nonprofits are trying to assure that nonprofit service providers are getting the benefit of new OMB rules governing federal grant funds. If you are the recipient or sub-recipient of a state or local government grant or contract that is funded in whole or part with federal funds, please review the OMB changes described in “Know Your Rights … and How to Protect Them“. You should not assume that the agency you’re dealing with is either aware of or trying to comply with these requirements!

If you receive ‘pushback’ on this from a government funder, please let us and NCN know about it. It’s true that not all federal funds are covered, but it’s also true that very little training has been provided thus far to staff at most government offices on the new requirements. If you run into opposition after reviewing your rights (above) please report the problem.



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