Updated Standards for Excellence Packet on Personnel

We are pleased to report that we have just released the latest update to the Standards for Excellence Packet #8-Personnel Policies, Employee Orientation, Compensation, and Evaluation (includes the 2020 Maryland Nonprofits Model Employee Handbook, available in word version to all members!).

This packet addresses the various responsibilities that employer have in working with their employees including: recruitment, selection, placement, orientation, training, evaluation, compensation and transitions. Some of the updates that we’ve made to this packet include:

  • Update guidelines for employee orientation and training including new discussion on training for staff that transfer from one position to another within the same organization.
  • Update to recommendations for boards of directors and their involvement/noninvolvement in personnel matters
  • Creation of a new section for staff management from human resources perspective.
  • Creation of a new section on compensation and salary structures
  • Creation of a new section on employee departure
  • Update to sources and citations throughout
  • Updates to attachments including:
    • Removed Executive Director evaluation form as this is provided in the Board Executive Partnership Educational Resource packet
    • Updates to the Employee Evaluation form
    • New Compensation Structure Review sample with instructions and sample chart
    • Clearer version of Venable’s Nonprofit Compensation Policy
    • New Sample Interview and Reference questions


The attachments provided in this packet include: Annual Employee Evaluation Form, Nonprofit Compensation Structure Review, Compensation Philosophy Statements, Compensation Policy for Employees, Compensation Policy, Sample Interview and Reference Questions, Model Employee Handbook (includes employee orientation checklist and document retention and destruction policy) and A Charitable Nonprofits’ Guide to Remote Work

We know that our members depend upon resources like A Charitable Nonprofits’ Guide to Remote Work (released earlier this month) as well as the very popular, Model Employee Handbook.  For the first time ever, we are making the Model Employee Handbook MS WORD VERSION AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE TO OUR MEMBERS. The pdf version has always been a member benefit but the MS WORD version is also now a free member benefit.   The Model Employee Handbook, which undergoes updates and revisions every few years—includes several important enhancements with this 2020 update including:

  • Added new notes to the entire table of contents to indicate if the section in this model employee handbook is optional, mandatory, recommended, or referenced in the Standards for Excellence.
  • Updated references to technology and computer equipment to more current terminology throughout.
  • Updated optional employee leave donation program to require employees to donate to a leave pool rather than an individual employee (3-20)
  • Added employee dating policy (1-8)
  • Added gifts to staff policy to address gift disclosure and exceptions to the policy (1-12)
  • Updated whistleblower policy to include reporting procedures and requirements for anonymity (2-3)
  • Updated terminology from ‘telecommute’ to ‘remote work’ based upon most recent updates to corresponding educational resource packet
  • Revised conflict of interest policy (1-9)
  • Revised expense reimbursement policy to remove expense documentation procedures (7-5)
  • Updates to Maryland Safe and Sick Leave Act leave policies
  • Updated definition of ‘smoking’ to include use of electronic cigarettes (2-9)
  • Added optional family leave policy to provide leave for the birth or adoption of a child and employee or employee partner (3-21)
  • Updated the Sample Application for Employment to remove questions related to “rate of pay” for previous positions and to remove the questions related to criminal background history and included additional notes about such efforts to “Ban the Box” in the notes section (27)
  • Updated federally required posters and notices (37)
  • Updated document destruction and retention schedule (40)

Additional Changes:

  • Updated electronic communications policy to address internet/wi-fi, and procedures for phishing and malware (5-3)
  • Updated terminology from ‘Human Resources Department’ to ‘Department of Human Resources’
  • Removed ‘Helpful Hints for Employees’ section under ‘Compensation and Accounting Procedures’
  • Updated Employee Leave Donation Form to include minimum and maximum amounts of donated leave (10)
  • Updated reimbursement guidelines for the tuition assistance policy (4-10)
  • Updated technology requirements in the Home Office Checklist (22)
  • New Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement (4)


Members, find the information here.