We Stand Against Oppression of Freedom of Speech and Assembly

June 5, 2020


We Call on Maryland’s Leaders to Take Action Addressing Racial Injustice

Maryland Nonprofits is committed to promoting racial and social justice among the nonprofit community and in all public policies. We are outraged over recent – and chronic – police killings, and add our voice to the public outcry motivating massive demonstrations across the country. The recurring violence towards Black Americans, especially Black men and boys, continues to be a stain on our society. So, too, does the underlying systemic racism that supports this violence, including that within our system of justice.

We condemn the immoral and un-American efforts of using unwarranted force to intimidate the voices of peaceful protesters. In recent nationwide demonstrations, violence has been used by authorities to suppress and disperse people exercising their rights to peaceful protest and freedom of the press. Violence against peaceful protesters is a form of oppression compounding the brutal injustices that give rise to current demonstrations. Maryland Nonprofits calls on all those in authority – elected officials, police, and government agencies – to affirm their duty to respect and protect the peaceful exercise of these rights. We ask that they commit themselves to actions and reforms addressing the racial and social injustices dividing our nation.

Freedom of speech, association, and the press were among the first rights protected and enshrined in the United States Constitution. Demonstrations against intolerable actions and policies were a precursor to our country’s revolution and the founding of this nation. We speak out today to preserve our democracy, and we stand in solidarity with those protesting for an end to systemic racism and violence.