Ana Carrera, MLU Steering Committee

Ana Carrera (she/her) is the Terapias Program Manager at Pro Bono Counseling. Terapias provides access to free mental health care in the state of Maryland in Spanish to clients who otherwise could not access mental health services. Ana joined Pro Bono in December 2009 as a victim assistant coordinator. 

Ana is an immigrant from The Dominican Republic and has a BA is Psychology and a minor in Bilingual Education. Living and working in multiple states including New York, Georgia, and Maryland, she has provided hundreds of hours of support to underserved communities. Her background and work have given her the experience to understand the unique and diverse needs of the Latino immigrant communities. She excels at providing services in a culturally responsive manner.

Every year, Ana helps hundreds of clients get connected to community supports. Her future goal is to create an educational training program on multiple mental health topics for schools, parents, and community centers for Spanish speaking clients. In her free time Ana enjoys travel.