100+ Organizations Urge Action on Fair Share for Maryland Legislation

April 5, 2024


April 5, 2024 – Baltimore, Maryland

Last Friday, Maryland Nonprofits, in conjunction with over 100 organizations dedicated to serving Maryland communities, issued a resounding call to Governor Wes Moore, President Bill Ferguson, Speaker Adrienne A. Jones, and members of the Maryland General Assembly. The collective emphasizes the critical need for immediate legislative action to support the Fair Share for Maryland Act (SB766/HB1007) as part of a long-term solution to the state’s financial crisis.

Heather Iliff, President & CEO of Maryland Nonprofits, emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, “We face worsening structural budget deficits, while a significant portion of large corporations operating in Maryland pay no income taxes, and the wealthiest 1% of Marylanders contribute proportionately less in taxes than the rest of us. Polling indicates widespread dissatisfaction with this system among Marylanders.”

Benjamin Orr, Founder, President, & CEO of Maryland Center on Economic Policy, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of addressing economic disparity, “Maryland has the highest median household income and a vibrant economy, yet poverty is painful and deadly for many in this wealthy state. We are failing to meet the needs of residents and we are not prepared to sustain a future that looks different than our past injustice.”

The collective praised strategic investments outlined in Governor Moore’s FY2025 budget, including provisions for state employee wages and benefits, childcare scholarships, and investments in housing, community development, environment, and healthcare. However, they highlighted that the current revenue system cannot sustain these vital programs.

“We must act swiftly to put Maryland on a sustainable path while upholding principles of justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion,” emphasized Iliff. “The Fair Share for Maryland plan offers vital reforms to sustain our state’s budget and ensure a fairer distribution of the tax burden.”

The collective emphasized that shortchanging staffing and technology, shifting burdens to local governments, and delaying crucial program expansions are not viable long-term solutions. They especially urged the Senate to join their colleagues in the House of Delegates to address Maryland’s budget crisis proactively.

The letter sent to Governor Moore, President Ferguson, Speaker Jones, and members of the Maryland General Assembly is part of a broader effort to rally support for the Fair Share for Maryland Act. Organizations are encouraged to sign onto the letter to demonstrate their commitment to building a more equitable future for Maryland.

Visit link for more information and to sign onto the letter.

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