Key Bridge Collapse Impact: Request for Collaboration and Resources

March 29, 2024

Dear friends,

Our hearts are aching amid the challenging circumstances following the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore. Our attention is first and foremost on the families of those whose lives were lost and on the survivors. We acknowledge that those who lost their lives were from the immigrant community, which is being hardest hit by this disaster.

The bridge and the waterway will be closed for some time, affecting jobs and livelihoods in already struggling and underserved communities. In this scenario, we anticipate a significant surge in demand for support services, ranging from emotional counseling and financial assistance to job placement services and more.

Given the scope of the needs and the potential for our resources to be stretched thin, collaboration among nonprofits is more critical than ever. We are reaching out to fellow organizations, community groups, and faith communities to compile a comprehensive list of available resources, services, and assistance programs that can be mobilized to aid those affected by the Key Bridge collapse.

Bilingual resources and services for immigrant communities are particularly critical in this response. We kindly ask that you share any information on:

  • Emergency aid and relief services
  • Counseling and emotional support services
  • Employment assistance and job placement programs
  • Food and energy assistance
  • Financial assistance programs
  • Services for immigrant communities
  • Any other services or resources that could aid those impacted

Submit a Resource

Baltimore Civic Fund, with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, has established a website to donate to the victims’ families and the families of the survivors. The Baltimore Community Foundation has established a Key Bridge Emergency Fund to support individuals, communities, and organizations that have been impacted. We ask that these be widely shared.

Our goal is to compile these resources into a centralized, easily accessible format that will be shared broadly within our network and with the public, ensuring that those in need can find the help they require efficiently and effectively.

Please feel free to submit resources and contact us at for further discussion on how we can work together during this time. If your nonprofit is directly impacted, please let us know via email. Let us unite in our efforts to provide hope and assistance to those affected by the Key Bridge collapse.


Heather Iliff 
President & CEO
Maryland Nonprofits

Dr. Gabriela Lemus
Executive Director
Maryland Latinos Unidos